Frequently Asked Questions


FIRST AID: We have healthcare professional(s) on-site. Bring the troop’s first aid kit, and have the troop’s emergency/health forms in your possession throughout the Piper weekend.

EQUIPMENT/GEAR AT CAMP: Each troop provides tents, sleeping bags & other personal gear, food and beverages.  And though potable water is available on-site, there’s a strong iron taste, so most troops bring drinking water in gallon jugs.  Consult the GSA Safety Wise handbook regarding suitable equipment for this event. FYI:  Camp Lakamaga loans cooking equipment & tents!  Please contact the Piper Valley directors if you need to obtain a list of items available for use during camp.

CAMPFIRES/COOKING:  There won’t be any indoor food preparation or cooking. If directors learn that cooking takes place indoors, your troop will be asked to leave.  Troops SHARE cooking areas, and troops SHARE fire scars. Don’t bring firewood from home; there’s plenty of chopped wood on-site, and plenty of wooded areas for collecting kindling. Never leave a fire unattended; someone from your troop must be responsible for the fire until it is extinguished or formally turned over to another troop.

PARKING: Only one car per troop will be allowed in camp. This car is expected to hold all the food for the troop for the weekend.  This car must enter camp between 3-6pm and have a pass displayed in the front window of the car. Any other car that comes to camp will be in the Big Parking Lot to the west of the Welcome Center. Carts are provided for hauling gear to sleeping locations from the parking lot.

SILK SCREENING: Expect a selection of colors and designs from which to choose your silk-screened memorabilia:  Bring T-shirt, sweatshirt, pillowcase, canvas bag, or similar large, flat apparel to camp.  Items are silk-screened beginning midday on Saturday, and returned to campers on Sunday before end of camp.  We provide the ink and the volunteer screeners; you provide the item — there are no additional fees for silk-screening.  Enjoy your Piper Valley keepsake!


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