Camp Safety Guidelines

Below are some important notes and reminders about Piper Valley camp that will take place at Camp Lakamaga in Marine on St. Croix.

Check-In Procedure

  • Arrive at Camp Lakamaga no later than 6:00pm –no cars move in camp after dusk!
  • Curbside check — no earlier than 4pm
  • Bring copies of all permission forms and health history forms for all adults and girls — retain originals for yourselves, and a copied set for check-in
  • Borrow carts to move gear into camp; promptly return carts to welcome center
  • Extra cars remain in the parking lot; only one gear/food car allowed by troop’s campsite
  • If you arrive late, you must find Margo, Ruth or Mikell inside Annie Paper, and you can’t take car beyond parking lot


Checking Out
  • Cleanup of campsites & sleeping areas must be completed prior to checkout
  • Cleanup of extra duties (requested at check in) must be completed prior to checkout
  • Checkout Sunday by 11am at Annie Paper
  • Receive patches at checkout
  • Survey completed prior to checkout
  • Retrieve permission slips and health history forms from checkout

Go to the Annie Paper building for:

  • Late check-in and early check-out
  • Dining Hall activities
  • Ice
  • Large bathrooms
  • Hot drinks for adults only (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)

Camp Rules

  • ALL adults staying overnight or at camp MUST BE A REGISTERED ADULT GIRL SCOUT.
    Can register online at
  • AT LEAST 1 ADULT staying overnight MUST HAVE sleep-in training.
    Can be done online at
  • At night, girls wake an adult to leave for bathroom
  • Pit toilets: Yes, they stink; don’t drop-in anything that doesn’t belong there, and close the lid
  • At night, always carry a flashlight (and leaders phone in pocket)
  • No one showers unless there’s an emergency
  • EVERYONE attends all scheduled or assigned activities; don’t hunt for medallion or skip session
  • NO running; always stay on the path
  • Travel with a buddy to the bathroom, and around camp
  • Snacks: No peanuts or peanut items in camp
  • Everyone brings a water bottle to carry throughout the day
  • Do not feed the animals or throw food outside; no coolers outside
  • Recommend start car on Saturday to check car’s battery




If anyone becomes ill or is injured at camp, please notify our cpr/first aid/first responder immediately:  Cell-phone info written on the dry erase board in Annie Piper bldg., and alert Margo, Ruth or Mikell pronto.


Have your first aid kit handy; troop handles common injuries (minor cuts and beestings) or illness (vomiting and fever).  Assure parents that with greater injuries or illness, their child will be sent to urgent care or local hospital.  Parents need be easily reached for medical decisions and/or to retrieve their daughter.  

  • Medicine:  Must have a permission & dosage in writing, and secure meds with troop leader
  • Permission slip to include sunscreen/bugscreen application

  • All cooking & washing must be done outdoors –rain or shine. No in-cabin cooking is allowed, even if your troop house includes a kitchen.
  • Aside from moving ice (gloves & scoop provided beside icemaker) into your own bowl or bucket, you have no other kitchen privileges in Annie Paper.
  • There are lots of animals here, large and small. To avoid the larger variety, stow your coolers inside your car at night, and don’t leave food waste out overnight.To avoid the smaller unwanted critters, don’t leave crumbs in your cabin or bunkbed at night either.
  • Please follow all fire safety rules during outdoor cooking. NEVER leave a fire or box oven with hot ashes or charcoals unattended, and do not start your fire with lighter fluid.
  • Again, all cooking & washing are outdoors; no plug-in crock pots or toasters (–the only plug-in appliances at Piper are phone rechargers and glue guns!)
  • Snacks: No peanuts or peanut items in camp
  • Again, do not feed the animals or throw food outside; no coolers outside
Sleeping Suggestions
  • At night, girls wake up an adult to leave for bathroom
  • Adults sleep by the doorway in case of sleepwalkers
  • One person per sleeping bag
  • One person per bunk bed
  • At Agnes Ober and Mary Randall where everyone sleeps on the floor, make sure everyone sleeps head to foot. This prevents the transmission of illness and head lice, etc. (and prevents all-night whispers…)
What to Pack
  • Download Camp Lakamaga’s packing list recommendations
  • Health History Form (2 copies)
  • Parent/Guardian Permission Form (2 copies)
  • Dress for the weather! No umbrellas; prefer raincoat or poncho
  • Non-aerosol bug sprays and sunscreens
  • Use a soft-sided bag; NOT a suitcase (–easier to stow multiple bags in vehicle)
  • NOT expensive cameras, phones, etc. (If a camp organizer sees a phone, they have the right to take them away for the weekend. If MUST bring them, be discreet!)
  • Adults may bring a blow-up matress (twin only) if they are sleeping on the floor
  • With a rainy weekend, bring slippers for inside the buildings
  • NO flip flops, crocs, etc. MUST wear closed toe and heel shoes
  • Are there jumper cables in one of your girl or gear cars?
  • Drinking water: Most troops have each camper bring a gallon jug.
  • Lots of walking this weekend; bring a backpack for fewer treks across camp
  • Extra batteries for flashlight or lantern


Sleeping Options

Lochbrae & Aintree

Sleep 8 on bunk beds, has heat/air cond., bathrooms short walking distance, has lights


Bring lanterns/flashlights-no overhead lighting, has heat, bathrooms are short walking distance, sleeps 12 on bunk beds

Mary Randall

Heated building, cots on floor, kitchen, bathrooms inside

Upper Troop House

Heated building with bunks, fireplace, kitchen, bathrooms inside

Agnes Ober lower level

Heated building, cots on floor, kitchen, bathroom inside


Heated building with bunks, fireplace and kitchen, bathroom walking distance

Friendship Cabin

Heated building with bunks- bathroom walking distance

Best Safety Practices confirmation

Please send us a quick note and let us know you have seen this page. Also remember, we have cell phone coverage and internet access at Piper Valley so you can refer to this information as needed throughout the encampment.
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