Saturday is made of four program activity sessions — two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the Program Activities section of your Registration form, rank your top six program choices (with #1 as your first choice) in EACH of the three camp activity categories:  crafts, skills, and outdoor/nature/sports. Don’t repeat activities, nor leave an activity field blank, please.

TROOP TIME: This is one of your four programs throughout the day. This gives the troop an extra hour to work on outdoor cooking entries, lip sync performance, medallion hunt, troop badge work, or to simply hang out.  Adults are still responsible for their Scouts during this time.

2017 LIP SYNC CONTEST:  This year’s host troop presents contest rules at the Summer planning meeting. This year’s theme is “Billboards Top 100 hits in the year 2000” and here are the rules per Troop 12810:

  • Maximum length of a performance is two minutes.
  • Music choices must be clean. Music choices can be sent in a group text message to Jessika at 612-805-3053, Abby at 952-607-1563, and Kari at 612-805-3299. Please include your troop number. We will respond to all texts to let you know if your song is accepted or already taken.
  • Girls will need to bring their song on a jump drive to Piper.
  • We will be judging based on costumes, choreography, and actual lip syncing. There will be two winners for each category.
  • Send your submissions by 6pm on Sunday, Sept. 4th.

Host troop presents contest rules at Summer meeting. The categories are:

  • mystery ingredient
  • animal-shaped food
  • non-traditional sandwich

Dietary restrictions:

  • no pork
  • no pineapple (allergy)
  • gluten free

Please mark remember to mark your dishes with your troop number.

2017 SWAP CONTEST:  Host troop presents criteria at Summer meeting.  Judging results will be announced after the lip sync contest. The 2017 categories are:

  1. Golden 50th – Create something golden themed to celebrate Piper Valley’s 50th anniversary
  2. Rainbow- Use every color of the rainbow (“Roy G Biv”) to make a creative swap
  3. Nature- Create a swap using only plants, sticks, and other things found in nature
  4. Food- Create a swap of your favorite food or food you like to eat at camp

– Submit swaps at the flagpole in their designated boxes before the swap meet.
– Swaps must be in a plastic bag with troop # attached.
– Only one swap per category per troop.
– Only those who participate in the swap meet can enter.

Registration available online as of May 1. Troops complete the online registration and mail payment to the address provided.

Acceptance status determined by receipt of payment, and not with online registration alone.